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Are Sofia Richie and Scott Disick really packing up and moving to Mexico? That's what a certain website wants readers to believe, despite having a sketchy history when it comes to accurately reporting on the couple. Gossip Cop can bust this untrue story, like many others that came before it.

"Couple's Retreat! Scott & Sofia Moving To Mexico," reads the headline of a new RadarOnline story. According to the site, Disick wants a "fresh start" south of the border. A so-called "insider" describes Mexico as a "place that's etremely close to Scott's heart," because of its "laidback style" and how he's supposedly treated there. Comparing the reality star to a "king," the supposed source maintains Disick "loves... being free to lay in the sun and [having] housekeepers tend to his every whim."

The outlet also points out that Disick enjoys hanging out with "best friend" Joe Francis in Puerto Vallarta. And how does Richie figure in? The blog's alleged tipster claims Disick wants to "purchase property" and "raise a family with Sofia," who will "wait on Scott hand and foot." The purported snitch further highlights "tax benefits" Disick could receive living South of the Border, and notes that he can "still fulfill his 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian' commitments by flying back and forth."

Notably not mentioned is Disick's commitments to his three kids. As People noted in a story about Disick, Richie and Kourtney Kardashian, he spends time with his children every week. It makes little sense for RadarOnline to claim he'd like to start living in a different country from them. What's also glaring in this article, with its allegation about Disick starting a family with Richie, is that it makes no mention of the kids he already has.

It's true Disick and Richie have vacationed in Mexico a few times since they began dating, which may be why the online publication seemingly manufactured this narrative about them moving there. It also comes just two days after "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" extensively focused on their relationship. While that makes this story's premise and timing awfully convenient, it doesn't mean it's true. And Gossip Cop is assured on background that it's not. While Disick and Richie will likely continue taking trips to Mexico (and elsewhere), we're told on the condition of anonymity that they are not moving there.

And, as noted above, the site's track record when it comes to this couple leaves a lot to be desired. In December, for example, the outlet falsely claimed Disick and Richie had split. At the time, the blog alleged he was "tired of Sofia's childish games" and "still not over Kourtney." Now two months later, the same outlet contends Disick and Richie are serious enough to be moving to another country together? These tales may fall on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they're both are false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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