Truth About Sofia Richie’s Relationship With Scott Disick’s Kids

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick kardashian kids truth

By Griffin Matis |

Sofia Richie Scott Disick kardashian kids truth

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Sofia Richie has been dating Scott Disick since 2017, and the tabloids have yet to let up on the couple. One topic that the gossip media loves to use against them is Disick’s three kids from his previous relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. Here are a few of the rumors that Gossip Cop has busted.

In March 2018, HollywoodLife came up with an article about how Richie was “bonding” with Disick’s kids, which supposedly infuriated Kardashian. “She loves hanging out with Scott and his kids,” an anonymous tipster told the site. However, just two months prior, the same blog was swearing up and down that Richie was ignoring her boyfriend’s children.

The alleged source went on to say that Disick had started leaving Richie out of his visits with his kids due to how poorly Richie supposedly got along with them. Neither scenario was true. The outlet was just trying to capitalize on Richie and Disick being spotted with his kids earlier that month.

Later that month, HollywoodLife once again published a false article about Kardashian being “furious” that Disick took their kids on a trip with Richie. The site said Kardashian was upset because she felt it was “entirely inappropriate” for Disick to take the children on trips “with his too-young girlfriend.” Citing an anonymous “insider,” this allegedly culminated in Disick and Kardashian having a “blowout fight” over his ex’s disapproval of the trip.

In reality, Kardashian had no problems with the getaway. The reality star herself went on vacation at the same time as Disick and Richie, which indicated that she was fully aware of Disick taking the kids for the trip. As mentioned in the last bust, the website has thoroughly proven itself to be unreliable.

In May 2018, RadarOnline falsely claimed Richie “slammed” Kardashian over her “objections” to the model spending time Disick’s children. “Sofia is so tired of hearing Kourtney’s [expletive] about how she wants her to stay away from her and Scott’s kids,” an unnamed “insider” told the site. The questionable source further told the blog that Richie was fed up with Kardashian “inserting herself” into her relationship with Disick.

The entire story was incorrect. The site never exactly identified how Kardashian was “inserting” herself into their lives. Furthermore, it ignores the truth of the matter: Kardashian totally supports Disick and Richie’s relationship and has no objections to the model spending time with her children. Like most mothers, she’s happy as long as Disick continues to be a good father and influence for their kids.

Disick has shown himself to be a capable and consistent dad, and he and Kardashian’s co-parenting strategy seems to be working well for both parents. The tabloids are obviously unhappy with the lack of drama coming from Disick’s relationship with both the mother of his children and his current romantic partner, so they just try to come up with phony rumors about the three of them. Gossip Cop will continue to keep an eye on the mistruths coming from these publications.


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