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Is Sofia Richie paying Scott Disick's bills? That's a rumor spreading far and wide on gossip blogs this week. Fortunately, Gossip Cop found out the truth.

Among the outlets showcasing the claim is Perez Hilton, with the headline, "Sugar Baby Sofia Richie Is Apparently Paying Scott Disick's Bills!" The site deems Disick "quite the mooch" based on a report that originated with RadarOnline, and alleges he's "relying on his 19-year-old girlfriend to pay for everything — including his utility and lifestyle bills!" Quoting from the webloid, a purported "insider" is cited as saying, "Scott has barely paid for anything since they started dating. It's pretty sick. Whenever they're out to dinner she'll whip out her Amex when the check comes, and Scott doesn't have a problem with that."

Similarly, Celebrity Insider is announcing in its own headline, "Scott Disick Is Reportedly Using Sofia Richie's Credit Card; He's Funding His Lavish Lifestyle Amid Rumors That He's Gone Broke." In this story, also based on the article from RadarOnline, it's asserted Richie is "currently funding" Disick, although "it's not really clear what's the reason behind Scott's problems regarding money." This piece goes on to note, "Rumors were saying that these two ended their relationship earlier this month but there were [since] a few pics with them and it was obvious that whatever issues they might have had, they're over now, and they are back together."

Actually, it was none other than RadarOnline that falsely claimed Disick and Richie split. When it became clear there wasn't a breakup, the online publication tried to cover its poor reporting by conveniently alleging they decided to reconcile. That is the untrustworthy, facts-challenged resource Perez Hilton and Celebrity Insider are now on relying on for these claims about Richie supporting Disick financially. But rather than just regurgitating the contentions of an outlet that's proven to be unreliable in the past, Gossip Cop actually investigated.

And we're told the notion that Richie is footing the bill for Disick's lifestyle is "ludicrous." Our contact also snarked, "It's RadarOnline." That is, these allegations are coming from a dubious place, one that ridiculously claimed in October that Disick wanted to have a baby with his young girlfriend. He and Richie are clearly still dating, but that's not solely at her financial expense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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