Sofia Richie “Paranoia” Over Scott Disick Cheating Tearing Them Apart?

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick Cheating

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick Cheating

(Scott Disick/Instagram)

Is Sofia Richie’s purported “paranoia” over Scott Disick cheating “tearing their romance apart”? That’s the latest rumor spreading online about the couple. Yet the report suspiciously doesn’t say how exactly they’ve supposedly been torn apart. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus story.

RadarOnline contends in an article published on Tuesday, “Soft-shelled Sofia’s paranoia over sleazy Scott’s cheating is driving the Lord nuts and it’s tearing their relationship apart.” It’s specifically alleged Richie “can’t handle the roller coaster of emotions the romance has thrown her way.” Consequently, “the duo may be on the brink of a breakup,” claims the webloid.

The site deems Richie “very insecure and jealous of other women,” with an alleged “pal” asserting that, due to her age, she’s “not emotionally secure to handle this romance,” and Disick therefore has the “upper hand.” Without giving any examples, the supposed source maintains, “He’s older and on the sly side, and he takes advantage of her inexperience.” But now Richie is “so paranoid Disick’s cheating that she goes to extreme lengths and even snoops on his cell [phone],” contends the outlet.

But despite asserting Richie is “driving the Lord nuts” and that her purported behavior is “tearing their relationship apart,” the publication doesn’t provide any evidence to back those claims up. Aside from accusing the teen of snooping, it’s never said just what she’s supposedly doing or how their romance is supposedly suffering. It seems RadarOnline just wanted to build a sensational narrative off two well-known facts: Richie is a lot younger than Disick and he has a known history of struggling with infidelity.

So the webloid apparently concocted this tale about Richie’s “inexperience” and fears over Disick cheating affecting their relationship. It doesn’t seem anyone legitimately connected with the couple really passed on such authentic claims, which is why there’s no proof to back the assertions up. The outlet also already proved it is not a reliable resource for news on the pair when it falsely maintained Richie and Disick split a month ago.

And far from being torn apart, the stars actually started the new year completely united. Disick shared the above photo on Instagram, marking the first time he ever posted about his girlfriend. He wrote in the caption, “I’m on a whole new year vibe.” He obviously wouldn’t have done that if she was actually driving him “nuts.” In reality, Disick and Richie rung in 2018 in Aspen, and she used “Love you kid” as a caption to a picture of them in an Instagram Story. And while they may not still be together by the time 2019 rolls around, they’re clearly not currently being torn apart.

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