Sofia Richie “Loves Spending Time” With Scott Disick’s Kids Is Made-Up Story

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick Kids

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Sofia Richie Scott Disick Kids

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A new report claiming to know how Sofia Richie “loves spending time” with Scott Disick’s three kids is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this fake report. And it comes from the same website that just two months ago maintained that when Richie is with Disick’s children, she’s often just “ignoring them.”

The latest fabricated story comes courtesy of HollywoodLife, a site often referred to as HollywoodLies because of its penchant for posting phony articles, complete with manufactured quotes from unnamed and untraceable sources. The newest story claims Richie has been “bonding” with Disick’s three children, Mason, Penelope and Reign, much to “Kourtney Kardashian’s ire.” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the outlet, “[Richie] likes spending time with them.” The same seemingly fake “insider” adds, “She loves hanging out with Scott and his kids.”

So, Richie “loves hanging out” with Disick children? That’s interesting, because on January 19, the same repeatedly discredited site wrote a piece titled, “Scott Disick: Why His Kids With Kourtney Kardashian Reportedly Can’t Stand Sofia Richie,” and in that article, HollywoodLies quoted a supposed “source” relating that often while Richie’s with the tykes, “She’s ignoring them.” “Mason in particular doesn’t like her,” further contended the supposed insider, who noted, “It’s becoming a nightmare for Scott, so he usually leaves Sofia behind now [when he sees the kids].”

Which is it? Does she like “spending time with them” or does Sofia stay “behind” when Disick is with his kids? Is she actually “bonding” with Mason, Penelope, and Reign or “ignoring them”? Basically, the site can’t keep its lies straight. And clearly no one close to Richie or Disick is sharing any scoop with HollywoodLies.

Not surprisingly, the equally untrustworthy Celebrity Insider picked up the latest made-up story without bothering to fact-check it. On the other side of journalism’s spectrum, Gossip Cop looked into and investigated the claims. Basically, HollywoodLies manufactured its newest article after Richie was spotted with Disick and two of his children in Los Angeles earlier this month. In the photos of Richie, Disick and his kids, Mason and Penelope, everyone looks fairly happy, and so the habitually disproven blog concocted its angle about how she “loves spending time” with the children.

Curiously, HollywoodLife doesn’t explain how just weeks ago it published a story that 100 percent contradicts its latest tall tale. Nor does that website mention anything about Richie and Disick being engaged and planning a wedding. Yes, that was yet another falsehood posted by HollywoodLies several months ago and then swept under the rug as if it never happened. This is precisely how the blog earned its unflattering nickname.

Sofia Richie Scott Disick Kids


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