Sofia Richie Did NOT Tweet “Love You” To Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Sofia Richie Love You Justin Bieber Tweet

By Michael Lewittes |

Sofia Richie Love You Justin Bieber Tweet


Sofia Richie did not tweet “love you” to Justin Bieber, despite a new inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim, which comes from a sloppy and lazy webloid. We’re told the Twitter account the story based its information on is entirely “fake.”

According to the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife, while “defending” Bieber against Selena Gomez, “Sofia went so far as to tweet two magical words” to him. The unreliable webloid continues, “We had no idea how intensely she felt until she tweeted two very serious words on Aug. 15 — ‘love you.'” The outlet then squeals, “OMG… Way to stand by your man in his time of need AND waste no time in expressing your feelings.”

Even though HollywoodLies should have just ended its sentence with “we have no idea,” it went on to wrongly blather, “This new sweet message speaks VOLUMES.” The outlet further postulates that it’s obviously meant for Bieber, but if it isn’t, perhaps “love you” was directed to the “Beliebers that Sofia could be trying to win over during the ‘Cold Water’ singer’s battle to prove he still cares about them.” The webloid ends its disastrously inaccurate story by noting that despite the triangulated war between Bieber, Gomez, and Beliebers, “none of this hate is really getting to Sofia if she is publicly expressing her feelings for the singer.”

There’s once slight problem with the webloid’s report: It’s totally wrong and based on a 100 percent fake Sofia Richie Twitter account with the handle @sofiairichie. But rather than fact-checking its story, the disreputable site instead made-up an entire tale about Richie publicly declaring “love you” to Bieber. Gossip Cop, however, investigates claims, and Richie’s own rep exclusively assures us, “She doesn’t use Twitter,” and the account is completely “fake.”

Naturally, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised that HollywoodLife got the story wrong. The outlet has published so many inaccuracies about Bieber that he has publicly railed against the site. Two months ago to the date, Bieber posted “HollywoodLife is untruthful” on Instagram. That was then followed up by Bieber writing, “HollywoodLife is garbage”. Sadly, nothing has changed, and the webloid remains untruthful and still publishes “fake” garbage that it masquerades as news.

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