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Sofia Richie may be feuding with her dad Lionel Richie and sister Nicole Richie, according to a speculative report. The theory is based on Sofia not participating in a recent photo shoot with them. But Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Earlier this month, Harper's Bazaar unveiled its Music Issue, for which Lionel and Nicole posed for a father-daughter portrait. Now roughly two weeks later, NW is asking in a headline, "Are The Richie Family In A Feud?" The tabloid claims that while "many fans" are "loving" the Lionel-Nicole picture, "others" have been "quick to question why they weren't joined by the muso's youngest daughter." The magazine points to a "fan" asking on social media, "What's going on, where is Sofia??"

"Sofia is his biological daughter so she should be there too," reads another comment highlighted by the outlet. Though the publication acknowledges that "it could just be that Sofia had a conflicting appointment the day the shoot was taking place," it still goes on to assert that "some reckon lingering tensions between the model, Nicole and Lionel is the real reason why she was a no-show." The tabloid argues that the pictorial "comes amid talk that Lionel and Nicole don't approve of Sofia's romance with Scott Disick, and are pleading with her to dump" him.

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Lionel can't stand the guy and is terrified Sofia could fall pregnant and get stuck with him." It all leads the magazine to wonder, "Sofia didn't take part in the shoot. Is Scott the reason why?" Gossip Cop has a different question: If NW really has an "insider," as it purports, why couldn't it find out if a feud over Disick was indeed the reason Richie didn't take part in the shoot? The outlet is simultaneously throwing out unanswered questions and claiming to have an inside source. That doesn't make much sense.

The publication is also ignoring some critical facts. As the full spread of "music families" in Harper's Bazaar shows, not every photo featured a musician with all of his or her children. Bruce Springsteen only posed with his daughter, even though he also has two sons. Erykah Badu is featured with her two daughters, and not her son. And Theodora and Alexandra Richards actually posed without their famous father, Keith Richards, who has four grown children in all.

Furthermore, Lionel actually has three children. In addition to Sofia, son Miles didn't participate in the article, either. That's because it wasn't intended to be a family shoot, just as it wasn't for Springsteen, Badu and Richards. Additionally, a Richie family confidante also confirms to Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that Sofia was "not in town the day they could shoot." Her absence has nothing to do with a feud. In fact, Lionel had his whole family by his side at this hand and footprint ceremony earlier this year.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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