Sofia Richie Did NOT “Troll” Kourtney Kardashian By Wearing Her “Favorite Outfit” With Scott Disick, Despite Claim

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Sofia Richie Trolls Kourtney Kardashian

By Shari Weiss |

Sofia Richie Trolls Kourtney Kardashian

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Sofia Richie did not “troll” Kourtney Kardashian by wearing one of her “favorite outfits” while out with Scott Disick, despite a ridiculous claim. Gossip Cop can bust this untrue story. Richie’s wardrobe choice had nothing to do with her beau’s ex-girlfriend.

But HollywoodLife is blaring in a headline on Sunday, “Sofia Richie Trolls Kourtney Kardashian By Wearing One Of Her Favorite Outfits During Scott Disick Hangout.” Richie and Disick were photographed on a casual outing in which they grabbed some frozen yogurt. Paparazzi snapped their picture even though there was nothing newsworthy about the sighting because that’s what paparazzi do.

And now HollywoodLies, as the site is known for its tendency to make-up stories, is trying to make the pictures seem newsworthy by manufacturing a bogus angle around them. According to the website, “Sofia was wearing one of Kourtney Kardashian’s favorite outfits — a turtleneck!” What is the evidence that a turtleneck is one of Kardashian’s “favorite outfits”? The outlet has none. Where is the proof that Richie purposefully wore a shirt of that style to “troll” Kardashian? Again there is none. And it isn’t even clear that the top is a traditional turtleneck. The Daily Mail, to which the online publication linked for the paparazzi photos, calls it a “hoodie.”

Ironically, it was just a few weeks ago that HollywoodLies absurdly claimed Kardashian was wearing a hoodie to send Disick a “message.” Gossip Cop is a bit surprised the site didn’t now try to assert Richie was imitating her in that regard. But the blog would still be wrong regardless. Many stars, including Rihanna, have donned hoodies. And plenty of celebrities wear turtlenecks. Richie herself has worn both types of tops in the past. But here she was copying Kardashian?

Of course not. But HollywoodLies made such a claim just to continue its silly and phony narrative about Richie supposedly “trying to resemble Scott’s ex.” Maintains the outlet, “From darkening her hair to getting long extensions, her transformation is noticeable and the similarities to Kourtney are too hard to ignore.” Actually, as Gossip Cop already pointed out days ago, Richie had long, dark hair as far back as six years ago.

The notion that she’s sporting that hairdo now simply because of Kardashian holds no weight. Similarly, there’s no merit to the publication’s insistence now that Richie’s choice of clothing while out with Disick had to do with “trolling” the mother of his children. These stories are empty clickbait.

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