Sofia Richie “Freaking Out” Over Scott Disick Wanting To Get Engaged?

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Sofia Richie Freaking Out Scott Disick

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Sofia Richie Freaking Out Scott Disick

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A new story alleges Sofia Richie only started dating Scott Disick to rebel against her family, but she’s freaking out now that he’s wanting to get engaged. Gossip Cop can bust this bogus tabloid report, which wrongly purports the model has “passed the point of no return.” The reality is the newish couple is not close to getting married.

According to OK!, Richie is starting to “feel trapped” in her relationship with Disick. In the magazine’s seemingly fabricated article, a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “It started because Sofia thought he was hot and knew that dating him would upset her dad Lionel and sister Nicole. She was rebelling and enjoying the attention.” The publication’s questionable “insider” goes on to contend, “But now that Scott is declaring his love and putting pressure on her to get engaged, she’s freaking out.”

The tabloid claims the model is “wary” of “kicking him to the curb just yet.” The outlet’s dubious tipster further alleges, “Sofia certainly doesn’t mind the lavish lifestyle that comes with dating Scott. Plus, she doesn’t want to admit that it was a mistake to get involved with him in the first place.” But Gossip Cop investigated the report, and a source close to Richie and her dad Lionel assures us the story is 100 percent “not true.”

Contrary to the publication’s assertion, the model did not initially start dating the reality star to rebel against her family. In the real world, Lionel has been “supportive” of his daughter’s dating life, with the model stating in a recent interview that he’s “very cool.” What’s more, Richie is not “freaking out” over being “trapped” in a relationship with Disick, nor is he pushing the 19-year-old model to get engaged. In fact, the couple spent Thanksgiving apart, celebrating the holiday on opposite coasts. Having only dated for two months, Disick and Richie are hardly ready to walk down the aisle.

Of course, this latest claim is coming from the very same magazine Gossip Cop previously busted for wrongly claiming Richie and Disick were moving in together. Much like that inaccurate story, this newest tale is equally false.

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