Sofia Richie, Cameron Dallas Dating Claim NOT True

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Sofia Richie Cameron Dallas

By Shari Weiss |

Sofia Richie Cameron Dallas

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Sofia Richie and Cameron Dallas are NOT dating, despite a report from a webloid that rather spread speculation and misinformation than fact-check. Gossip Cop can now exclusively correct the story.

HollywoodLife breathlessly writes, “New couple alert? It looks like Sofia Richie could be cured of her Bieber fever! The gorgeous model was caught video chatting with internet personality, Cameron Dallas Oct. 16! Since the two were snapped during an adorable exchange, could Justin be out of the picture for good?”

The site then wonders if Richie and Dallas “may be young Hollywood’s hottest new couple.” Referring to the stars as “rumored lovebirds,” it’s said they were “caught FaceTimingOct. 16, during her London photoshoot, and it looks like Cameron was laying in bed. So, was Sofia wishing him sweet dreams?” Naturally, the bad blog doesn’t have the answers to its questions.

Instead, HollywoodLies starts hedging its bets and flip-flops. “While we wish the stars were officially sparking up a romance, they have yet to confirm anything,” says the webloid. “In fact, Cameron admitted that he and Sofia are ‘just friends’ and that they’re not dating, outside Katsuya Restaurant in Hollywood, Oct. 12. But, it looked like Cam was blushing a bit and playing coy, so who knows!”

Well, HollywoodLife certainly doesn’t. With their back-and-forth giving us whiplash, Gossip Cop decided to look into the situation. Now a rep for Richie exclusively tells us that she and Dallas are “absolutely not dating in ANY capacity” and remain “just friends.” See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?


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