“So You Think You Can Dance” Top 20 Season 12: See List Off 2015 Contestants!

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So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Season 12 2015

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Season 12 2015


The “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 20 for Season 12 was finally revealed on Monday. See the full list below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the new installment premiered on June 1 with a revamped format AND a revamped panel of judges. Nigel Lythgoe is now making decisions alongside Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. And for the first time ever, the contestants are divided into two categories: stage and street.

That’s not the only change, though. This marked the first time Las Vegas week callbacks, where the contenders gather after making it through the initial auditions in each city, was broken into two two-hour episodes, instead of just one. With 105 street dancers and 114 stage performers, there were several rounds to go through under guidance from tWitch and Travis Wall.

There were stunning performances, painful falls, and more than one argument. A few, on the verge of elimination, were asked to “dance for your life” to stay in the competition, and another even quit at the last minute after his partner was sent home earlier. Ultimately, though, only 10 contestants from each sect could be chosen to go onto the live episodes for a total of 20.

So, who survived the cut? Returning contestant Edson Juarez made it through, but other standouts, like Roydell Shannon, Brandon Armstrong, and Asaf Goren didn’t. See the full Top 20 list below, and tell us who you’re rooting for! Plus: See video of the final announcement below!

1. Alain “Hurrikane” Lauture
2. Jessica Rabone
3. Yorelis Apolinario
4. Lily Frias
5. Ariana Crowder
6. Virgil Gadson
7. Eddie Eskridge
8. Megz Alfonso
9. Burim “B1” Jusufi
10. Jaja Vankova

1. Marissa Milele
2. Edson Juarez
3. Moises Parra
4. Kate Harpootlian
5. Hailee Payne
6. Jim Nowakowski
7. Alexa Meyer
8. Derek Piquette
9. Darion Flores
10. Gabby Diaz


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