“So You Think You Can Dance” Top 10 Revealed For “Next Generation” Season 13

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So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Next Generation

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Next Generation


The “So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation” Top 10 was revealed on Monday. Get the full list of dancers and all-star pairings below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the 13th season of “SYTYCD” exclusively focuses on aspiring stars between the ages if 8 and 13. A successful audition led to an invitation to the Dance Academy, where All-Stars from past seasons evaluated each young dancer. The 10 pros initially could select five contestants to be on their team.

But as the Academy continued, they had to start making team cuts. And by the end of the week, each All-Star had to decide on which one team member they wanted to keep and work with throughout the FOX competition. And that’s what was showcased on this week’s episode, after watching the remaining 40 try their hand at hip-hop and contemporary routines.

Interestingly, unlike in some past seasons, the Top 10 didn’t end up being evenly divided by dance style or gender. In fact, there are four boys who are moving on to the live shows, but six girls. But of the All-Star mentors, it’s five and five.

So, without further ado, the Top 10 for this unprecedented season of “SYTYCD” is as follows, in the order it was announced: Tate (age 12, contemporary) with All-Star Kathryn McCormick, Jordyn (age 13, contemporary) with All-Star Sasha Mallory, Kida (age 13, hip-hop) with All-Star Fik Shun, Jake (age 12, ballroom) with All-Star Jenna Johnson, JT (age 10, contemporary) with All-Star Robert Roldan, Sheaden (age 12, hip-hop) with All-Star Joshua Allen, Ruby (age 12, ballroom) with All-Star Paul Karmiryan, Emma (age 10, tap) with All-Star and reigning winner Gabby Diaz, Daniella (age 11, ballroom) with All-Star Jonathan Platero, and Tahani (age 12, hip-hop) with All-Star Comfort Fedoke.

Now going forward, the rest of the season will have the pairs all competing against one another with weekly eliminations. Gossip Cop will have continued coverage when the show resumes in two weeks. In the meantime, check out the Top 10 announcement videos below!


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