“So You Think You Can Dance” Results: Top 4 Revealed After “Next Generation” Elimination

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So You Think You Can Dance Results August 29 2016

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Results August 29 2016


“So You Think You Can Dance” is officially down to the Top 4 for “The Next Generation!” Get the full results below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the Top 6 contestants for season 13 all competed live last week, after a two-week hiatus due to the Olympics. By the end of the episode, only five aspiring stars remained. Ballroom dancer Ruby was eliminated, based on the votes cast for performances given before the hiatus.

Now on tonight’s installment, which just so happened to be the Fox competition’s 250th episode, the five young dancers all took the stage again. Each was tasked with performing with their All-Star partners and choreographing one of two routines. But no matter how well they did or didn’t do, the results were once again determined by the voting for previous performances.

And so, with America’s votes tallied in the wake of last week’s episode, Tahani (age 12, hip-hop with All-Star Comfort Fedoke) was sadly eliminated for earning the lowest amount. Now four dancers are still in contention. They are: Tate (age 12, contemporary with All-Star Kathryn McCormick), Kida (age 13, hip-hop with All-Star Fik Shun), JT (age 10, contemporary with All-Star Robert Roldan), and Emma (age 10, tap with All-Star and reigning “SYTYCD” winner Gabby Diaz).

These four are officially the season 13 finalists, and there won’t be an elimination next week. Instead, the audience’s votes for tonight will be added to those cast during next week’s Labor Day episode. Then, the finale will air on September 12 and the first-ever “Next Generation” winner will be crowned! Watch video of tonight’s results announcement below.


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