“So You Think You Can Dance” Results: Top 8 For Season 14 Revealed After Elimination

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So You Think You Can Dance Results August 21 2017

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Results August 21 2017


“So You Think You Can Dance” went from the Top 9 to the Top 8 on Monday with its second combined performance and results show of the season. Find out who was eliminated below!

As Gossip Cop reported, “So You Think You Can Dance” had its second live show for season 14 last week, but the first in which a contestant and an All-Star partner were eliminated at the end. The episode featured the return of Allison Holker, who was sidelined by an injury earlier this month, and redemption for Kiki Nyemchek and Jenna Johnson, who went from criticized to adored. Kaylee Millis and Cyrus Spencer also made a comeback. But it wasn’t solely that night’s performances that determined the results at the end of the two-hour broadcast.

Rather, it was votes cast after the first live episode two weeks ago that determined the bottom three for the following week. For earning the lowest amounts of votes, Logan Hernandez, Sydney Tormey and Robert Green were in jeopardy. That, however, is where America’s power ended. It was then up to the judges to decide which of those three should be eliminated, and the panel could take into consideration that night’s new performances, even though viewers hadn’t voted on them yet. Ultimately, head judge Nigel Lythgoe revealed that, while it wasn’t a unanimous decision, contestant Robert Green and All-Star Jasmine Harper would be the pair cut and eliminated.

Now the entire process had to repeat itself. The ballots cast following last week’s performances determined which three duos were in danger tonight. But before host Cat Deeley announced who was on the brink of elimination, the nine contenders and their pro-partners gave new performances. And the live episode actually had to stop broadcasting at one point so FOX could air President Donald Trump’s address about Afghanistan. So, after all that, it was time to deliver the results.

Based on last week’s votes, Dassy Lee, Mark Villaver and, for the second week in a row, Sydney Tormey were up for elimination. Following the judges’ deliberation, Lythgoe revealed it was Tormey and All-Star partner Paul Kamiryan who were axed and going home. Now the Top 8 consists of Kiki Nyemchuk (Jenna Johnson), Kaylee Millis (Cyrus Spencer), Lex Ishimoto (Gaby Diaz), Koine Iwasaki (Marco German), Taylor Sieve (Robert Roldan), Logan Hernandez (Allison Holker), Lee (Fik-Shun) and Villaver (Comfort Fedoke). Watch video of the results announcement below.

NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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