“So You Think You Can Dance” Results: Top 4 For Season 14 Revealed After Double Elimination

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So You Think You Can Dance Results September 11 2017

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Results September 11 2017


“So You Think You Can Dance” had a double elimination on Monday, revealing the Top 4 for season 14. Get the full results and find out who’s in the Final Four below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the “SYTYCD” Top 6 for 2017 was revealed at the end of last week’s combined performance and results show. The seven remaining contestants all took the stage three times over the course of two hours. All the contenders performed solo, each did a number with their respective All-Star partner, and then they were put into small groups for their third performance of the night. Lex Ishimoto and Gaby Diaz’s killer hip-hop routine opened the broadcast, with the judges all giving a standing ovation. The panelists were also impressed later in the show with Kiki Nyemchek and Jenna Johnson’s Broadway performance, which required serious hand and eye coordination.

But despite those successes and regardless of anyone else’s highs or lows in the new performances, all that mattered in the end were the votes cast after the previous week’s routines. Host Cat Deeley revealed Nyemchek, Kaylee Millis and Mark Villaver were the lowest vote-getters and therefore in danger of going home. The judges, in deciding which contender to ax, could have considered those new dances. But Nigel Lythgoe revealed they decided to go by America’s votes. And based on the rankings, Villaver and his partner Comfort Fedoke were given the boot.

As unfortunate as that was, tonight’s episode was all the more brutal. The Top 6 all gave three new performances each — All-Star duets, solos, and contestant pairs — knowing that only four would be left standing by the time the cameras stopped rolling. And, again, it didn’t matter how well they did or didn’t do over the course of these two hours. Their fates were already sealed based on viewers’ votes following last week’s episode. Lythgoe even tweeted early Monday, “Well American #SYTYCD Fans have chosen the 4 finalists for Season 14. Find out who they are on the show. I was shocked. #FantasticFour.”

When the moment of truth finally came, Deeley revealed Logan Hernandez (Allison Holker) and Kaylee Millis (Cyrus Spencer) were the ones eliminated. Now the Top 4 consists of Lex Ishimoto (Gaby Diaz), Taylor Sieve (Robert Roldan), Kiki Nyemchek (Jenna Johnson) and Koine Iwasaki (Marco German). As the season’s final four, they’ll all compete in next week’s performance finale. Votes cast tonight and next week will ultimately determine who wins and who is crowned “America’s favorite dancer” on September 25. Click to watch Hernandez’s final performance with Holker, and see both Millis’ last dance with Spencer as well as the results announcement below.

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