“So You Think You Can Dance” Recap: Top 20 For Season 14 Compete On Academy Week, Part Three

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap July 31 2017

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Recap July 31 2017


“So You Think You Can Dance” officially has its Top 20 for season 14! Find out what happened on the last day of Academy Week, as seen on Monday’s show, below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the 2017 “So You Think You Can Dance” Academy episodes began airing two weeks ago. Approximately 100 dancers who made it through the auditions were invited to Los Angeles for call-backs. There, each contestant had to perform a solo routine for the season 14 All-Stars: Gaby Diaz, Comfort Fedoke, Marko Germar, Jasmine Harper, Allison Holker, Jenna Johnson, Paul Kamiryan, Robert Roldan, Cyrus Spencer and Fik-Shun.

Some aspiring stars were cut right then and there, but the majority of the contenders moved onto the choreography sessions. As the contestants went through hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom and group sessions, each All-Star built a team of four dancers. But making it on to a squad didn’t necessarily mean that a dancer was safe. After the All-Stars lined up their foursomes, they then had to narrow their teams down. That meant for some incredible highs and heartbreaking lows for early favorites like Jensen Arnold, who was added to Robert’s team and then cut on part two of the “SYTYCD” Academy last week.

But each All-Star could only take one contestant to the live shows, so the eliminations were a necessity. And, ultimately, with only 10 All-Stars, that meant only a Top 10 for the next phase of the competition. So on tonight’s third and last installment of Academy Week, the All-Stars all took the time to perform with their final two team members before making that brutal final cut.

First, however, the remaining 30 contenders (three from each team) had to make it through a jazz choreography session with Sonya Tayeh. Each All-Star watched their trio of contestants perform, and then cut one to make a final two. Robert actually ended up with his last two by default, as his third team member was forced to exit the competition due to injury. That left a Top 20 heading into the final round of the Academy.

The All-Stars were looking to see which of their remaining two dancers they connected with best and which had the most potential as they performed together, and took post-performance feedback from their peers. The Top 20 is as follows: Sofia Ghavami and Koine Iwasaki with Marko, Lex Ishimoto and Evan DeBenedetto with Gaby, Sydney Tormey and Kristina Androsenko with Paul, Jonathan Wade and Taylor Sieve with Robert, Zachary Downer and Logan Hernandez with Allison, Kaylee Millis and Havoc with Cyrus, Mark Villaver and Deja Williams with Comfort, Howard Johnson and Robert Green with Jasmine, Dassy Lee and Kyle Bennett Jr. with Fik-Shun, and Kiki Nyemchek and Kevin “Konkrete” Davis with Jenna.

But who will the All-Stars pick? Next week, “So You Think You Can Dance” finally goes live as the Top 10 contestants are revealed and compete with their respective All-Star partners. Gossip Cop will once again have the highlights and results. Check out videos from tonight’s show below!

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