Snowmageddon 2015: Celebrities React on Twitter to Blizzard, Winter Storm Juno

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Snowmageddon Tweets

By Daniel Gates |

Snowmageddon Tweets

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Celebrities are tweeting about the major blizzard dubbed “Winter Storm Juno” and “Snowmageddon 2015,” which is expected to hit the Northeast late Monday and Tuesday, disrupting travel, paralyzing major cities, and creating ideal sledding conditions. New York and much of New England is set to be blasted by the blizzard, with authorities warning people to stay home if possible as the area braces for the year’s worst weather. The big question: What are famous people saying about it on Twitter?

“Everyone on the east coast be safe with the storm coming,” wrote Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, Billy Eichner joked, “The entire cast of Kinky Boots has already died. #blizzardof2015.”

Michael Ian Black was in a similarly humorous mood, tweeting, “Lord, please let it snow so much that everything is canceled for two weeks but my Internet remains on and there’s plenty of grilled cheese.” Emmy Rossum was disappointed not to be in the midst of it, writing, “Wishing I was in NY for this snow storm.”

“Everyone be safe on the east coast with this blizzard! Just stay inside, watch movies and drink hot cocoa,” advised Snooki. “How do you tell a Snow Man from a Snow Woman? Snow Balls. I apologize to all Snow People. RT Immediately! #blizzardof2015,” joked Gilbert Gottfried. Meanwhile, Piers Morgan wrote, “BREAKING NEWS: Greatest blizzard of snow tweets/photos in New York history.”

Miles Teller used the weather as a chance to promote his recent movie: “Hey New Yorkers, I was once stuck in a strangers apartment during a blizzard for 48 hours & I filmed the entire thing @TwoNightStand.” “Upper East Side Fairway pandemonium ahead of #Juno Blizzards are good for the grocery biz,” wrote Al Roker, along with pictures of a packed store.

“Good morning!!! I wish I was in NYC snowed it really an UBER blizzard? Or just News Channel Panic?” wondered Kirstie Alley. Taking a political approach, Ronan Farrow joked, “On the upside, Congressional productivity was frozen solid well in advance of the #blizzardof2015.”

The Backstreet Boys had an announcement: “Due to the #blizzardof2015, we’re unable to travel to NYC. We’re working on alternatives and will let you know as soon as they’re confirmed. In the meantime, stay safe and warm!!” Chris Harrison had a solution: “The only cure for #SuperStorm2015 is a hot new episode of #TheBachelor.”

And on Instagram, Lena Dunham observed, “Hope you’re enjoying this suspenseful will-she-or-won’t-she blizzard story (aka sorry!) There was a med student writing a paper on UTIs next to me at the gate and I was like DO YOU NEED FIRST PERSON STORIES!? A gate agent in a nice hat called me precious and I teared up. I have only A 1 sauce waiting for me in my house in NYC. Not even complaining.”

Hugh Jackman was getting prepared by loading up on carbs, as he documented on Instagram. “Bring it on!!! #Snowstorm2015,” he posted. An anxious Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted, “When is someone in NYC going to start instagraming photos of the snow?” Samanta Ronson deadpanned, “Anyone know what the weather’s like on the east coast right now? Can’t seem to find any information, anywhere.” And Kristin Chenoweth joked that “the only blizzard im ok with” was the kind from Dairy Queen. She later tweeted an amusing image that read, “Keep calm and holy crap nevermind it’s snowing everyone panic.” Gossip Cop will add more celebrity reactions to the blizzard.


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