YouTube Launches SnoopaVision With Snoop Dogg For April Fools’ Day (VIDEO)

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YouTube Snoopavision April Fools Snoop Dogg

By Andrew Shuster |

YouTube Snoopavision April Fools Snoop Dogg


YouTube announced the launch of SnoopaVision on Friday, a new feature that allows viewers to watch videos in 360 degrees alongside Snoop Dogg. But don’t get too excited about the new update, it’s only an April Fools’ Day joke. Watch the announcement video below!

Every YouTube video now has a button shaped like Snoop Dogg’s head at the bottom of the frame. Clicking on it takes you to a mock video explaining the fake collaboration between YouTube and the rapper. SnoopaVision, according to the video giant’s phony announcement, offers “a fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg.”

The introductory video opens with YouTube’s supposed “Director of Innovation” revealing, “People have been asking about [SnoopaVision] since we launched.” The site’s “360 Degree Product Manager” further notes, “Finally you can combine 360 degree immersive viewing with the pioneer in West Coast G-funk hip hop.” Snoop Dogg is then shown consulting on various aspects of the development process, including “design and user testing.”

The rapper next tells the camera, “This technology is so immersive that sometimes I forget if I’m in a video or real life.” Following the video, you can access around 10 viral YouTube videos that have already been fitted with SnoopaVision. But unfortunately, the feature is sill in the beta stage, and some videos won’t be equipped with the innovation for around 100 years or so. Watch YouTube and Snoop Dogg’s April Fools Day prank below!


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