Snoop Dogg Calls Out Hollywood Racism Amid ‘Roots’ Controversy

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Snoop Dogg Hollywood Racism Roots

By Andrew Shuster |

Snoop Dogg Hollywood Racism Roots

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Snoop Dogg is once again pointing out what he perceives as racism in Hollywood after his recent call for a boycott of the History Channel remake of “Roots.” On Friday, the rapper followed-up his argument by showing an example of whitewashing in the film industry.

As Gossip Cop reported, the rapper posted an Instagram video shortly before the premiere of the slave drama, criticizing the frequent recreation of slavery in the entertainment industry. “I don’t understand it… They just wanna keep showing the abuse that we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago,” said Snoop. The rapper went on to insist that there should be more movies and TV shows about “the success that black folks are having.” He further urged in his expletive-filled rant that his fans boycott the new “Roots” and other shows like it.

But many African-Americans disagreed with Snoop, arguing that the portrayal of on-screen slavery serves as a reminder of the injustices that black people faced, and also helps call attention to reform that’s still needed today. Other pundits in the media noted that the black characters in slavery-related dramas shouldn’t be deemed weak, but rather as resilient and brave in the face of great adversity.

But Snoop is sticking by his opinion, and on Friday he responded to his detractors. The rapper posted an Instagram photo with images from some of the recent films depicting the oppression of black people, including The Butler, The Help and 12 Years a Slave. He then added a photo featuring the all-white cast of this year’s Africa-set period epic, Gods of Egypt, in which the main characters are powerful Egyptian gods. To further make his point, the rapper captioned the picture, “But I’m trippen?”

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