Snoop Dogg: Arnold Schwarzenegger “Racist” For Releasing Killer From Prison (VIDEOS)

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Snoop Dogg Arnold Schwarzenegger Racist

By Andrew Shuster |

Snoop Dogg Arnold Schwarzenegger Racist

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final act as Governor of California upon leaving office in 2011 was reducing the prison sentence of convicted murderer Esteban Nunez, the son of his friend and the former California state Assembly speaker, Alex Nunez. Snoop Dogg is now slamming the actor and former politician as a “racist” for freeing Nunez, but allowing Crips co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams to be executed in 2005, despite Williams finding redemption and becoming nominated for a Nobel peace prize. Watch the rapper’s Instagram videos below.

In 2010, Nunez and his friend Ryan Jett were sentenced to 16-years in prison for the 2008 stabbing death of San Diego State University student Luis Santos, who they knifed in the heart as revenge for not being granted entrance into a fraternity party. Neither Nunez nor Jett were students at the college. Nunez was released from prison on Sunday after serving less than six years, per Schwarzenegger’s 2011 commutation. Meanwhile, Williams was sentenced to the death penalty in 1979 for the murder of four people in two separate armed robberies. Williams maintained his innocence throughout, and went on to denounce the Crips, as well as work as an anti-gang activist from prison. In 2005, Schwarzenegger rejected Williams’ plea for clemency from the death penalty, and he died of lethal injection shortly thereafter.

Snoop Dogg, one of the many celebrities who advocated for Williams’ clemency more than a decade ago, went on an angry rant against Schwarzenegger in a series of Instagram videos on Monday night after learning Nunez had been set free. “Arnold is a straight b*tch,” the rapper said into the camera. “Punk motherf***er. How the f*** you gonna let this n****r out of jail, but you gonna kill Tookie Williams? I can’t stand you. Racist piece of s**t.”

The rapper continued, “First Donald Trump and now this motherf***er. Man, you motherf***ers really got the game f***ed up.” Snoop Dogg then insisted he wouldn’t take down his posts if pressured to do so, adding, “You don’t scare me.” Further pointing out that Nunez’s co-defendant Jett is still doing time, the rapper alluded to cronyism, “So Schwarzenegger let’s Nunez’ son out but he doesn’t let his [accomplice] out? The n****r he did the murder with still in the pen. That’s white privilege right there. That’s bulls**t.” An irate Snoop Dogg also expressed, “I can’t wait to catch you n****r. I’m gonna confront you.” Snoop Dogg seemingly threatened, “I hope you running with Trump so we can knock both you n****rs off at the same time.” Watch the videos below.

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