WATCH: SNL “Teachers’ Snow Day” VIDEO

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SNL teacher Snow Day

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL teacher Snow Day


“SNL” aired a rap video called “Teachers’ Snow Day” about what really happens when schools are shut for snow and kids are home. Basically, as “SNL” presented it, it’s a time for teachers to come into the empty school and drink, smoke pot, have sex in classrooms, and just prance around naked. Check out the hilarious video below.

The video begins with a teacher in the school rapping about how instead of grading papers, she’s “using them to smoke ganja.” Another teacher explains that snow days are also a time for teachers to come into class and “get drunk on wine.” And the teacher’s lounge? Well, we learn when school is closed for snow it’s “a nasty club, and the only extra credit is a rub and tug.”

The rap video also explained how the classrooms were used for teachers to have “Fifty Shades sex.” One science teacher in the video sang, “I’m Dr. Death, and I’m up in my chem lab cooking meth.” One student, however, showed up to school not knowing it was closed for a snow day, and said, “Came to school by mistake, saw drugs and jugs. Thought my teachers were b*tches, but they’re hardcore thugs.”

Meanwhile, one teacher said the department of education couldn’t touch her because she has tenure, while another sang, “The only PTA here is my Pretty Taut Ass!” But then the principal drove up to the school, even to the surprise of the other partying teachers. Played by “SNL” host J.K. Simmons, he rapped, “This was my damn day off, this wasn’t part of the plan… But when I rolled up to school in my minivan… There’s something these mother*ckers better understand… The dress code is out. I’m not wearing pants!” And he wasn’t.

Still not wearing pants as he roamed the hallways with other teachers dressed in the band’s uniforms, Simmons sang, “I got a PA announcement for every class, but the ‘p’ is for [bleep] and the ‘a’ is for ass.” And it gets crazier as the teachers and principal party their brains out while school is closed for a snow day. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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