Taylor Swift “Squad” Mocked In Fake Movie Trailer On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Taylor Swift Squad

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Taylor Swift Squad


Taylor Swift and her “squad” were mocked on “Saturday Night Live” in a movie trailer spoof. In the film titled “The Squad,” Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer are two women trying not to get sucked into Swift’s “squad” in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Watch the funny “SNL” video below!

The fake film trailer began with Bryant and Bayer swearing they would always be friends. But, announces an ominous voice-over in the mock movie trailer, “The world changed.” After being involved in a car crash, the two women wake up in a hospital, and as soon as they leave it, they realize the world is empty, prompting them to ask, “Where did everyone go?”

The trailer then notes in title cards, “In 2015 Taylor Swift created her SQUAD,” and “By the end of her [“1989″] tour, the entire world had joined.”

A homeless-looking Kenan Thompson explains to Bryant and Bayer, “First it was the models, then the athletes, and then it was everybody. The police, the fire departure, and Matt LeBlanc” who were grabbed by the “squad.” He then tearfully tells the women the “squad” took his two daughters, and he has no idea where they are now.

We learn in the faux film trailer that Swift’s “squad” wanted to “collect the whole world.” As they walk a deserted street, Bryant and Bayer wonder what Swift’s “squad” does other than go onstage for a minute or so and walk.

Eventually, Bryant succumbs and tells the “squad” that she’s “ready” to be taken, but Bayer screams, “Don’t go.” Left all alone, the mock trailer for “The Squad” ends with Bayer begging the “squad” to abduct her as well.

Check out the video below of the spoof trailer for “The Squad” on “Saturday Night Live,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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