‘SNL’ Spoofs ‘Star Trek’ With Chris Pine – WATCH VIDEO

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Star Trek SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Star Trek SNL


“SNL” spoofed the TV series “Star Trek” with the show’s guest host Chris Pine, who has appeared in three movies based on the hit program. Watch video of the “Saturday Night Live” parody below.

In the “SNL” sketch with Pine, the premise was that several episodes of the show weren’t aired… until now. In one particular unaired show, we learn Spock has a brother named “Spocko,” played by a (fictitious) actor named Sal Delabate. “Spocko” is an over-the-top Italian-American, who sings about pizza and repeatedly uses the catchphrase, “Now, that’s a star trek.” He’s also seen in that episode sexually harassing Uhura.

Pine, of course, has been playing Captain Kirk in the big-screen reboots of the long-running TV series. He first starred in Star Trek in 2009, followed up in 2013 by Star Trek: Into Darkness. And in 2016, Pine reprised his role in Star Trek Beyond. He’s also set to star in a fourth Star Trek film.

As Gossip Cop noted earlier, after the release of his first Star Trek movie, there was pushback by diehard fans of the original series, and to counter that, Pine and Zachary Quinto, appeared on “Weekend Update” on “SNL” to assure fans that they would remain true to the characters. Leonard Nimoy, who played the original Mr. Spock, even came to their defense on “Saturday Night Live,” making a cameo and telling older Trekkies to not be “dickheads” about the new film.

Check out the video below of Chris Pine and “SNL” spoofing the original “Star Trek” series.

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