‘SNL’ Women Sing “Welcome To Hell” Song About Male Sexual Predators – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Welcome To Hell

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Welcome To Hell


The women of “SNL” did a music video about called “Welcome To Hell.” The song was about how women will now deal with men who are sexual predators. Check out the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

In the video, “SNL” cast members Melissa Villasenor, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones and guest Saiorse Ronan sang about how they’ll now travel in packs to make it impossible for men. The song was basically about how men have been pigs from the beginning of time. In response, the ladies of “SNL” said they’d now carry mace and keys in their hands to keep men at a distance.

The women of “SNL” have appeared in a number of hilarious music videos. In December, Emma Stone joined McKinnon, Jones, Bryant, and Bayer for a video about how people gift each other candles on Christmas. The song focused on how cheap candles are often re-gifted. And last season, “Saturday Night Live” host Ariana Grande and the female stars of the sketch comedy program did a video called “Not A Feminist Song.”

Dakota Johnson joined the cast in 2015 for a spoof of Sara Bareilles’s song “Brave.” In that video, the ladies sang about what they wished they could really say to people. And a few years ago, Cameron Diaz starred with the women of “SNL” in the Thanksgiving-themed “Back Home Baller,” which was a rap about how even though the women were grownups, when they returned to their parents’ houses for the holiday, they would make their folks do everything for them. Also, Anna Kendrick and the “Saturday Night Live” women did a music video for a song called “Talk Dirty” a few years ago in which they waxed poetic about “dongs.”

Check out the video below of the women of “SNL” singing about dealing with men who are sexual predators. The sing was called “Welcome To Hell.”

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