‘SNL’ “Naked And Afraid: Celebrity Edition” Has Peter Dinklage And Leslie Jones Nude In Woods – WATCH VIDEO

Truth rating: 10

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Naked Afraid Celebrity Edition


“SNL” spoofed “Naked And Afraid” with a “celebrity edition,” starring its guest host Peter Dinklage and cast member Leslie Jones. The two were paired together on “Naked And Afraid,” and had to survive nude in the woods for a few weeks. See the video below.

It began with Dinklage arriving in the wooded area fully dressed, but Jones pulled up in an Uber totally nude. “The cool air feels good on my ass,” she announced. Dinklage then stripped down, to which Jones said, “Let me start off by saying, you’re packin’.” The two then started to quarrel about everything. While Dinklage brought a fire starter to survive, Jones brought hot sauce, noting, “I put it on everything.”

Jones and Dinklage were then seen sleeping at night, with the super tall “SNL” comedienne spooning the “Game Of Thrones” star. At one point, Dinklage told Jones, “You’re crushing me,” to which “SNL” cast member explained, “This is warmth.” But when he asked why her hand was on his crotch, she said it’s because it’s warm.

The two also fought over Jones repeatedly referring to him as his “Game Of Thrones” character Tyrion and her habit of saying that she’s “keeping it real.” At another point, Jones poured hot sauce on Dinklage and called him a “tasty morsel.” Ultimately, the two survived. Watch the “SNL” parody “Naked And Afraid: Celebrity Edition” below.


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