Melissa McCarthy Mocks Sean Spicer On ‘SNL’ – Watch Cold Open Video

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Sean Spicer SNL cold Open

By Michael Lewittes |

Sean Spicer SNL cold Open


The cold open of “SNL” began with Melissa McCarthy mocking Donald Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer at a press conference. Among the things McCarthy as Spice spoofed was the spokesman’s gum chewing and inability to pronounce foreign names. Spicer also warned the press to not ask “stupid” questions. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

McCarthy’s Spicer noted the immigration ban being denied would be challenged by the president in the “People’s Court.” There were also jokes about Ivanka Trump’s clothes been removed from Nordstrom’s, the new Attorney General, and a series of fake attacks and wars that never took place.

As Gossip Cop has previously noted, every episode of this season of “SNL” has opened with a sketch about Trump or relating to his election and presidency. Before the election, the show made fun of the presidential debates between Trump and Clinton. Also prior to him being voted into office, the program lampooned the audio of Trump and Bill Bush making crude remarks about women several years ago. Right after the election, however, instead of spoofing Trump being elected, “SNL” kicked off its show with Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton performing “Hallelujah.”

Among the other notable cold opens this season was the one last week that had Trump telling allies to “prepare to go to war,” with Steve Bannon dressed as the grim reaper. Much was made also about the “SNL” cold open that mocked Trump’s press conference during which he said CNN aired “fake news” and BuzzFeed was a “failing pile of garbage.” As Gossip Cop reported, most of the jokes were about Trump and “Golden Showers.”

Watch the video below of the “SNL” cold open with Melisa McCarthy as Sean Spicer again.

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