Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Rides Podium To Donald Trump On ‘SNL’ – Watch Video

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Sean Spicer SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Sean Spicer SNL


Melissa McCarthy again impersonated White House spokesman Sean Spicer on the show she hosted. Among the things McCarthy’s Spicer had to deal with were questions from the press about whether Donald Trump was going to fire him. The spokesman was so upset he rode his podium first to New York and then Trump’s golf course in New Jersey to ask whether he was losing his job. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

Part of the shtick with McCarthy’s Spicer is that the spokesman not only uses props to educate the press corps but his White House press room podium is motorized so that when he spars with reporters, he can steamroll right into them. In this week’s bit, Spicer sped the podium right into the streets of New York, where he yelled at cars to get of his way.

Earlier in the week, the real Spicer was reported to have been hiding in the bushes of the White House grounds as FBI Director James Comey was fired. Referencing that, McCarthy posted video of herself as Spicer acting extremely agitated with the caption, “Straight out da bushes.”

This marks the fourth time McCarthy has done her impression of Spicer. She debuted her impersonation during the February 4 show, which was hosted Kristen Stewart. The response was so positive that McCarthy returned the next week when Alec Baldwin hosted. Rather than Baldwin doing his Donald Trump impression, McCarthy as Spicer was that episode’s cold open. She then came back on the April 15 show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, to play a bunny costume-wearing Spicer, who offered an Easter message.

Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below with McCarthy as Spicer riding his podium to Trump.

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