‘SNL’ Spoofs “Love Actually” With Hillary Clinton, Electoral College Voter – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Love Actually Hillary Clinton

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Love Actually Hillary Clinton


“SNL” parodied the movie Love Actually with Hillary Clinton trying to sway an electoral college voter outside her front door. In the bit, Clinton brought a boom box and cue cards on which she tried to woo electoral college voter. Watch the video below.

It starts off with the first card telling the voter to tell her husband it’s carolers. On subsequent cards it reads “It’s me” and “Hillary Rodham Clinton,” as “Silent Night” plays in the background. Clinton then scrolls through several more cards that tout her accomplishment over the past 40 years.

Next, Clinton pulls out a card that says, “At Christmas you tell the truth,” followed by another one that says, “I know you’re an elector.” Clinton notes that on December 19, the elector is “supposed to vote for Donald Trump,” but expresses in subsequent cards, “But bish… he cray.” Those cards are followed by a series of cards that are connected that say Trump’s “entire cabinet is anti-gay, anti-environment and anti-women.” They also read, “He has business conflicts all over the world” and “He knew Russia was involved in hacking the election.” And the cards go on and on.

Clinton then acknowledges in more cards, “I know I lost the election,” and says the elector doesn’t have to vote for her, just “literally anyone else” like “John Kasich, Tom Hanks, Zendaya, The Rock… a rock.” The last card says that Trump “will kill us all.” Earlier in the show, “SNL” mocked Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as Santa Claus. See the “Saturday Night Live” parody of Love Actually below with Hillary Clinton trying to sway an electoral college voter with cue cards.


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