‘SNL’ Spoofs ‘Karate Kid’ With John Cena – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Karate Kid

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Karate Kid


“SNL” spoofed The Karate with this week’s host John Cena. Watch video of the “Saturday Night Live” parody “Karate Teen” below.

In the “SNL” sketch, Cena plays “Karate Teen” Sammy Knox, who taunts his opponent Jeffy LaHart by calling him a “dork” and a “dweeb” after pounding him to the mat. But with his trainer’s inspiration, LaHart, who is supposed to be Ralph Macchio’s character Daniel LaRusso, gets back up and seems like he’s mentally in a space to defeat the bullying Knox. That is until Cena’s character, who’s parodying William Zabka’s “Johnny” from The Karate Kid, connects with a shot to his opponent’s stomach and literally knocks him out of his pants and through four walls.

LaHart then miraculously crawls back into the ring and says, “Knox, is that all you got?” “Do you have a death wish, dork?” replies Knox. Meanwhile, LaHart’s trainer motions to him to not fight Knox anymore, but he does. “When a warrior gets knocked down,” begins LaHart, right as Knox punches him through his fifth wall.

As Gossip Cop reported, this is the first time Cena has been the host of “Saturday Night Live.” And even though he’s mostly known for being a wrestler, Cena has showed off his comedy chops on “Parks & Recreation,” as well as in the films Sisters and Trainwreck. Check out the video below of Cena and “SNL” spoofing The Karate Kid in the “Karate Teen.”


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