‘SNL’ Jeff Sessions “Forrest Gump” Video – Watch Cold Open

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Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump SNL


“SNL” mocked Jeff Sessions and his connection to the Russians as well as his racist past, with the Attorney General playing Forrest Gump. Sessions was impersonated by Kate McKinnon. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

Sessions was first seen on a bench at a bus stop denying any involvement with the Russians. But as each person sat next to him, the Attorney General began to slowly admit he had some meetings with Russian officials. at one point, like Forrest Gump he told a woman,” Life is like a box of chocolates… Sure are a lot of brown ones in there.”

Putin even sat next to him at one point. By the end of the sketch, Sessions full out confirmed a connection to the Russians, and having been accused of being a racist. Then the show’s guest host, Octavia Spencer sat next to him as her character Minny from The Help. She then offered him her special mud pie, which in that movie was made from her own feces.

Since the beginning of this season, most of the sketch comedy show’s opens have focused on the election, Trump, or his staffers. Melissa McCarthy impersonated Sean Spicer in the “SNL” cold open when the program last aired in February. During that sketch, the comedienne parodied the White House spokesman’s gum chewing habit and difficulty pronouncing foreign names. And after telling the press corps to not ask “stupid” questions, McCarthy’s Spicer said the immigration ban would be argued by Trump in the “People’s Court,” and discussed a number of fake wars and battles that never happened.

Other past “Saturday Night Live” cold opens have focused on the election debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton, the president being secretly recorded saying he grabs women “by the pussy,” and the president’s penchant for tweeting. Also, Trump’s first press conference was mocked by “SNL,” with jokes about the president calling CNN “fake news” and allegations about “Golden Showers” with Russian women. In that sketch, Trump said there would be a “stream” of jobs, a “golden” opportunity for Americans, and promised how he’d make a “splash” as president. He even questioned the assembled press corps if they would support him by asking, “You’re in?”

Watch the video below to see “SNL” spoofing Jeff Sessions and his connection to the Russians as well as his racist past.

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