SNL’s “The Iggy Azalea Show” Features Feud Partner Azealia Banks And Chris Hemsworth Rapping – WATCH VIDEO!

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SNL Iggy Azalea Show

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Iggy Azalea Show


“SNL” made fun of Australian rapper Iggy Azalea with a parody TV program called “The Iggy Azalea Show.” Azalea, played by Kate McKinnon, opened up the show by rapping about “bang bang goes the sound of me clipping b*tches.” Among the guests on Azalea’s show were her producer T.I. and frequent feud partner Azealia Banks. See video below of “The Iggy Azalea Show.”

Azalea kicked off the show by saying she thinks feuds are “fun” and that she’s “in a new feud every day.” She then introduced her “top feud friend Azealia Banks.” Banks, played by Sasheer Zamata, said she only “came here [on the show] because I was told you was going to apologize to me.” She then told Azalea that she’s “over this feud” and “wanted to bury the hatchet.”

Next, Azalea was joined on the show by her (equally white) rapper cousin, played by “SNL” host Chris Hemsworth. They did a segment on her show called “Tip Hops,” in which they offered tips for doing hip hop.

Tip number one was “Guns.” Hemsworth said that when you don’t know what to do while rapping, just make “a gun sound like bang ban, click clack.” Tip number two was “Lists.” Basically, they said to just spew lists of things like “sweet potatoes, bang bang, Lisa Lang.” Tip number three “Booty Talking,” which Hemsworth explained was “when your mouth gets tired of rapping, let your booty do the talking.” He and Azalea then twerked. Check out the video below of “The Iggy Azalea Show,” and tell us what you think.


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