‘SNL’ Mocks Harvey Weinstein Scandal Via Women’s Roundtable At NY Film Festival – Watch Video

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Harvey Weinstein SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Harvey Weinstein SNL


“SNL” mocked Harvey Weinstein and his sexual assault scandal via a women’s roundtable panel at the New York Film Festival and during “Weekend Update.” In the sketch, Viola Davis, Marion Cotillard, and fictional screen legend Bebette Goldry talked about sexual harassment, including from Weinstein. “Weekend Update” also tore into Weinstein with a number of jokes about his looks and how he should be in prison. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” videos below.

In the women’s panel sketch, Cotillard recalled how she was once asked if she was “comfortable with nudity.” Davis said a filmmaker once threw 10 to 12 phones hoping to get her to take her top off. And Goldry said she met Weinstein in a hotel room, where he was hanging upside down naked from a monkey bar. The old-time actress noted that with his testicles hanging that way, she couldn’t tell if it was his genitals or his face. “The resemblance is uncanny,” she added. As is the case with those sketches, Goldry told more and more absurd stories about Hollywood from the old days.

As widely reported, ever since a blistering New York Times article exposed Weinstein’s predatory ways and sexual assault and harassment settlements, a slew of other women have come forward to make allegations against him. Rose McGowan even claimed he raped her. One model named Ambra Battilana Gutierrez even audio taped Weinstein in 2015 acknowledging he grabbed her breasts as he unsuccessfully begged her the next day to watch him shower in a hotel room.

Others, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, also noted firsthand how Weinstein acted inappropriately around them. Since then, virtually every Hollywood heavyweight from Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep has denounced Weinstein. And earlier on Saturday, the Academy of Motion Pictures expelled Weinstein, who had a lifetime membership to the organization that oversees the Oscars.

But “SNL” got criticized last week for not going after Weinstein, even though the show tackled such other topics as O.J. Simpson’s release and the Las Vegas tragedy. Shortly afterwards, the show’s executive producer and creator Lorne Michaels said that the comedy program shied away from Weinstein because “it’s a New York thing.” He later explained that he meant the filmmaker was not a national figure. It also emerged that a couple of Weinstein jokes bombed during the rehearsal prior to the live show, and so they were cut.

But with Weinstein dominating this past week’s news, “Saturday Night Live” could not ignore his scandal anymore, and so it mocked him via the women’s roundtable panel at the New York Film Festival and through a series of jokes on “Weekend Update.” Watch the “SNL” videos below.

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