‘SNL’ Parodies ‘The Bachelor’ And Its Women With “Farm Hunk” – WATCH VIDEO!

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By Michael Lewittes |



“SNL” mocked “The Bachelor” in a parody sketch called “Farm Hunk.” In the bit, woman after woman kept vying for “Ryan Coles,” who like the current “Bachelor” Chris Soules is a farmer from Iowa. No matter how bad he said life would be like in Iowa, all the women still wanted to be with him. And oh yeah, many of the women told the “Farm Hunk” they worked in porn (video below).

The episode made fun of how white “The Bachelor” is by having the “Farm Hunk” announce at the beginning of the episode that he was going to send home three women, including “two of the black girls.” Then he met a woman who said she was a pediatric nurse, but really she lived in Hollywood and made porn. Even though the “Farm Hunk” said that where he lives in Iowa is “ugly, stinky, and far away from things, and no one there your age to be friends with,” the woman still wanted to be with him.

Much like the real “Bachelor,” that woman was interrupted by another woman who said, “Can I steal him for a second?” She then told the “Farm Hunk” she’s a second grade teacher… in porn films. She was naturally interrupted by a third woman who said she was a “veteran… of the porn industry,” and that she’s “served my country, like 200 times.”

A fourth woman, who was black, interrupted by saying, “Can I steal him for a second?” When the “Farm Hunk” warned that if she moved back home with him to Iowa “you’ll never see another black person again,” she enthusiastically replied, “I’d love that!” And like the actual “Bachelor,” there was that woman who broke down telling him about family deaths and personal problems.

The parody of “The Bachelor” was really spot-on. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.


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