‘SNL’ Donald Trump Retweeting Video – Watch Cold Open

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SNL Donald Trump

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Donald Trump


The cold open of “SNL” mocked Donald Trump retweeting real people, including a 16-year-old high school student. Throughout the bit, Trump’s advisors wanted to talk to him about national security and other issues, but instead he kept retweeting regular folks. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

With the exception of the show right after Trump won the election, during which Kate McKinnon opened “SNL” as Hillary Clinton playing “Hallelujah” on the piano, Baldwin has impersonated Trump on each of the sketch comedy program’s opens. The season premiere spoofed the first president debate. That was followed by “Saturday Night Live” lampooning Trump’s apology for the leaked video of him and then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush engaging in an offensive conversation about women. The third show mocked the second presidential debate between Clinton and Trump, which featured questions from audience members, including Ken Bone. And the fourth episode of “SNL” made fun of the third and last debate, in which Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman.”

Just days before the election, “Saturday Night Live” began its fifth show this season with Clinton and Trump getting asked a number of questions during a CNN interview, with the running joke being how the former Secretary of State kept changing the subject when asked about her emails. As noted above, after Trump won the election he was curiously not parodied. But sketch comedy series’ last show, which was two weeks, ago, Baldwin returned to poke fun of the President-elect’s cabinet meeting, proposed thoughts on bolding the wall on the Mexican border, and his plans to deal with ISIS.

Watch the video below to see “SNL” mocking Donald Trump’s retweeting. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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