‘SNL’ Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Third Presidential Debate – Watch Cold Open Video

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SNL Presidential Debate

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Presidential Debate


The cold open of “SNL” mocked the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday. Alec Baldwin again spoofed Trump’s appearance, speech and behavior, and Kate McKinnon once more captured Clinton’s look and smugness. Watch the video below of “Saturday Night Live” parodying the third presidential debate.

Similar to the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Baldwin’s Trump was mocked for repeatedly interrupting Clinton, and for some of his memorable remarks. The sketch comedy show naturally poked fun of Trump saying that “no one has more respect for woman” before calling Clinton a “nasty woman” after she jabbed him for evading paying taxes by using loopholes. “Saturday Night Live” also lampooned Trump’s view on abortion and response to a question about border security when he said, “We have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.”

“SNL” parodied, as well, Trump expressing that the election is “rigged” and not saying whether or not he would accept the results if he lost, as well as Clinton and the GOP presidential candidate each calling the other Vladimir Putin’s “puppet.” Also skewered was how Clinton avoided answering questions about the embarrassing Wikileaks emails. There was even a joke with Trump saying he has the support of “the best Baldwin brother, Stephen Baldwin.”

As previously reported, the late-night comedy program spoofed the other two debates. Last week, “SNL” made fun of the second presidential debate, and three weeks ago, “Saturday Night Live” parodied the first Trump and Clinton presidential debate. To see “SNL” mocking the third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, watch the video below.

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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