‘SNL’ Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate – Watch Cold Open Video

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SNL Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Debate

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Debate


The cold open of “SNL” mocked the first presidential debate earlier in the week between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Alec Baldwin played Trump, while Kate McKinnon captured Clinton’s mannerisms. Watch the video below from the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live.”

With the first presidential debate just five days earlier, Trump and Clinton’s war of words provided ample material for “SNL.” Not surprisingly, Trump’s sniffling and talk about a broken microphone, as well as Clinton’s over-rehearsed demeanor and pre-prepared quips like “trumped up trickle down economics” were mocked in the sketch comedy show’s opening. They also made fun of how Trump kept interrupting and saying “wrong” and Clinton’s attempt to be “relatable.” There were also jokes about Alicia Machado, Rosie O’Donnell, and who had the better temperament.

Just a few days ago, it was revealed Baldwin would play Trump during the election season rather than using an existing cast member. And with the help of bushy eyebrows, orangey makeup, a blond wig and some of his own bluster, Baldwin transformed into Trump.

Of course, last season both the real Trump and Clinton appeared on “Saturday Night Live.” Last November when Trump hosted, he said in his monologue, “I’m a nice guy. I don’t hold grudges like Rosie O’Donnell,” who he claimed says mean and untrue things about him, whereas what says about her is “mean but completely accurate.” And Clinton appeared in a sketch in October as a bartender named Val serving drinks to McKinnon, who played the Democratic presidential candidate. When McKinnon’s Clinton brought up Trump possibly being the GOP’s nominee, the bartender asked, “Isn’t he the one who’s like, ‘You’re all losers?'”

Of course, nearly a year has passed since their “Saturday Night Live” appearances, and Trump and Clinton have been squaring in person and on social media. Check out the video below of “SNL” mocking the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on the show’s season premiere. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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