‘SNL’ Digital Short Has Woman Wanting To Be “F**ked Like Bin Laden” – Watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ Video

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SNL Digital Short Bin Laden

By Michael Lewittes |


“SNL” did a digital short on the season 41 finale which had Andy Samberg returning as his alter-ego Conner 4 Real for a video called “Finest Girl.” The premise was he met a woman (Vanessa Bayer), who was “freak” who wanted to be “f**ked like the U.S. military f**ked Bin Laden.” See the “Saturday Night Live” digital short below.

In the digital short, Bayer’s character talks about wanting to be “f**ked” like Bin Laden,” including him invading “cave like a special unit.” At one point, she even looked like the late terrorist with his long beard. “SNL” host Fred Armisen also appeared as Bin Laden with a long beard. There was also a cut to President Obama in the rap song saying how he’d like Conner 4 Real to tell him all the details about having “f**ked” her like Bin Laden.

At the end of the digital short, Samberg’s character comes to the realization that it was all virtual reality and that he wasn’t asked by a woman to be “f**ked like Bin Laden.”

Check out the video below of the digital short on the season 41 finale of “Saturday Night Live” that had Andy Samberg’s Conner 4 Real character being asked by the “Finest Girl” to be “f**ked like Bin Laden.”


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