‘SNL’ Cast, Octavia Spencer Impersonate Stars For ‘Zoo-opolis’ Animated Movie – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL impressions Zoo-opolis characters

By Michael Lewittes |

SNL impressions Zoo-opolis characters


“SNL” cast members Melissa Villasenor, Alex Moffat, and the show’s guest host Octavia Spencer did a series of impressions of different celebrities in a sketch about a new animated movie called Zoo-opolis. Check out the “Saturday Live” video below in which they impersonated Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Grant, Oprah and many more stars.

The skit began with casting director Kenan Thompson saying they were doing an animated film about animals that take over a city, while denying it was a Zootopia ripoff. He then revealed they needed people to serve as placeholders for the animators to work with before the real stars lend their voices to the movie. First up was Villasenor, who was asked to read for the part of Hunny Bunny, which later would be voiced by Jennifer Lopez. After her impression of J. Lo was Moffat doing an impression of Hugh Grant for the animated character Bartle Bee. Next, Spencer did Oprah as the pigeon character F’Heather. “I love breadcrumbs, and I still lost over two ounces,” said Spencer as the former talk show host.

For the part of the dog Dane Daniel, Thompson himself nailed a perfect impression of Tracy Morgan. But Morgan was far from the only “SNL” cast member past or present who was parroted. Villasenor mimicked both Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. Spencer also did impersonations of Viola Davis and Jodie Foster, while Villasenor sounded like Kathy Griffin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Luke Wilson. The end of the film, noted Thompson, has a line by Javier Bardem, but none of the actors could mimic his voice, so the janitor at the studio (Beck Bennett) stepped in and impersonated the Spanish actor. Check out the video below of “Saturday Night Live” cast members and Spencer doing impressions of a slew of stars for an animated movie called Zoo-opolis.

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