SNL ‘Beard Hunk’ Spoofs ‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall – WATCH VIDEO

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SNL Bachelor Beard Hunk

By Michael Lewittes |

“SNL” spoofed this season’s “Bachelor” with Nick Viall with a sketch called the “Beard Hunk.” In the parody bit, much like the actual series, one woman after another interrupts each other to spend time with the Beard Hunk. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below mocking “The Bachelor” and Nick Viall.

It began with Nick telling the camera, “This season’s gonna have a lot of drama, a lot of excitement and, as always, minimal Asians.” Next we meet the first woman, Raquel, who says she’s generally the “worst girl in any room I’m in.” She then says she’s a “business owner,” and when pressed about what the business is, she admits, “OK, I’m not.” She’s then interrupted by another woman who notes, “I’m looking for a husband even though I’m not old enough to vote.” When asked her age, she replies, “26.”

Another competitor then asks, “Can I steal him for a sec?” When pitching herself to Nick, the new woman says, “My name Ali, and I was born in an Ashley.” She then corrects herself and says, “Sorry, my name is Ashley and I was born in an alley.” She also reveals it’s difficult to talk about, but she has a “twin sister, who’s sick.” “Of the way I treat her,” she adds. The next woman tells the Beard Hunk she was “married last year,” and then reminds him, “To you.” “Oh right, hi,” he remembers, just as another lady interrupts.

The newest contestant for the Beard Hunk’s heart blurts, “I’m a very sexual person, so I’d love to jack you off whenever you want.” She later tells Nick she has a three-year-old daughter, who’s her “best friend in the whole world.” When Nick asks where her daughter is right now, the woman hedges, “Um, I think at a neighbor’s or something.” That same woman eventually interrupts another woman to offer that her favorite animal is a frog because she loves the water, her eyes are green, and “I do pee and poop out of the same hole.”

The insanity of the interrupting goes on and on with yet another woman saying she works at “Hooters,” to which Nick says, “That’s so hot.” She acknowledges it’s “hot… because I work in the kitchen.” And when another contestant interrupts to says she didn’t bring a bikini and only has a one-piece, the Beard Hunk tells her, “I’ll walk you out.”

In the past, “SNL” parodied “The Bachelor” with “Bland Man.” And before that, “Saturday Night Live” mocked “Bachelor” Chris Soules with “Farm Hunk.” Check out the video below of “SNL” spoofing this season’s “Bachelor” with bearded Nick Viall.

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