‘SNL’ Raps About Barack Obama’s “Last Christmas” – WATCH VIDEO

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Barack last Christmas SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Barack last Christmas SNL


“SNL” did a rap about Barack Obama‘s “last Christmas.” Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

In the bit, Kenan Thompson and Chance The Rapper did a rap about Obama’s last Christmas. Among the lyrics were to enjoy the last Christmas before getting bombed by Iran. There were also lyrics about how one should hurt oneself before the end of Obamacare. Donald Trump was not surprisingly mocked, and Joe Biden was praised in the rap song.

It’s a tradition for the last show of the calendar year to have a Christmas sketch or video. Actually last week, “Saturday Night Live” had a music video, starring Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Bayer, and guest host Emma Stone, about how everyone gifts (or regifts) cheap candles to their friends and family during Christmas.

“SNL” has featured humorous Christmas songs for years. Just in the past few years, John Goodman and Kenan Thompson performed a song called, “All I Want For Christmas Is Booty,” and Ryan Gosling was joined by “SNL” alum Mike Myers for a Canadian Christmas song that featured lyrics about drinking “Molsons till you puke.” And, as mentioned before, guest hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sang a parody song called “Merry Christmas Baby” that they wrote about Jesus, while Martin Short once crooned about how Christmas is the “horniest” time of the year.

Check out the video below of the “SNL” rap about Obama’s “last Christmas.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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