Skrillex: Justin Bieber Did NOT Steal ‘Sorry’

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Skrillex Justin Bieber Steal Sorry

By Shari Weiss |

Skrillex Justin Bieber Steal Sorry

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Skrillex says he and Justin Bieber did NOT steal a vocal riff for their hit “Sorry,” despite a lawsuit accusing them of doing just that. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the two collaborators have been sued by indie artist White Hinderland, who claims the opening vocal notes on “Sorry” were taken from her 2014 song “Ring The Bell. In the lawsuit, Hinderland (real name: Casey Dienel) argues that the 8-second vocal loop is distinctly female and indistinguishable from the riff on her own track. She also maintains the two songs have other strong similarities, such as the heavy use of keyboard synthesizers.

But on Friday, one day after news of the suit broke, Skrillex, who produced the song and is named as a co-defendant, hit back. “SORRY but we didnt steal this @justinbieber @bloodpop,” the EDM star tweeted. He included a short video showing how they actually created the sound on their own. Using their co-writer Julia’s original vocal sample, Skrillex demonstrated how he manipulated it on the computer to make the final version.

His point, of course, is that Hinderland’s song and voice weren’t involved at all. And it’s worth noting that Skrillex’s demonstration is much like one Diplo previously did in a New York Times video to show how Bieber’s voice was altered to create the riffs heard on “Where Are U Now.” Skrillex was heavily involved in that project, too.

A few hours after Skrillex’s post, Bieber quoted it on Twitter and added, “#wedontsteal @Skrillex @bloodpop #sorry :)” Check out Skrillex’s video below.


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