Sinead O’Connor Found Safe After Going Missing In Chicago

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Sinead O'Connor Found

By Andrew Shuster |

Sinead O'Connor Found

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Sinead O’Connor was found safe on Monday after going missing during a bike ride in a Chicago suburb. Additional details, such as where the singer was found, have not been released at this time.

Before being found, the singer was last seen on Sunday at 6 a.m., heading out for a bike ride. But when an unidentified caller told authorities O’Connor never returned home, the Wilmette Police Department began a search. In an official statement, the department said it was “seeking to check the well-being” of the singer, who at the time was believed to be at risk of committing suicide.

Prior to her disappearance on Sunday, O’Connor wrote a series of Facebook posts about her custody battle over her 12-year-old son Shane, who has been placed in the child welfare agency, Tusla, in Dublin. The singer then directed a Harriet Tubman quote to “Tusla and all else involved in the malicious separation of me and my sons.” The quote read, “I had reasoned this out of my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one I would have the other.”

In November 2015, O’Connor posted a number similar Facebook messages that led many to fear she might commit suicide back then as well. Not long after her posts, the singer was found safely in Dublin. And in 2011, O’Connor went off on a suicidal Twitter rant, expressing the only thing holding her back from killing herself was her children. “I want to go to heaven SO bad… But I don’t wanna abandon my kids,” the singer wrote. “But if I cud die without them knowing I did it myself I wud.” She also added, “Anyway. If any1 knows how I can kill myself, without my kids finding out I did it deliberately pls tell me asa f**kin p.”


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