Simone Biles, Sasha Farber Dance On “Ellen DeGeneres Show” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Simone Biles Sasha Farber ellen Show

By Shari Weiss |

Simone Biles Sasha Farber ellen Show

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

“Dancing with the Stars” pair Simone Biles and Sasha Farber performed a special dance for Monday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, after her Olympics teammate Laurie Hernandez won “DWTS” last fall, Biles is now one of the frontrunner’s on this spring’s season 24. Partnered with Farber, the two have quickly become favorites among fans and the judges. Biles spoke with DeGeneres about trading the gym for the ballroom.

Describing Farber, the gymnast shared, “He has a good sense of humor. He’s funny. He’s very patient. But once it’s time to do the dance, the minute and 30 seconds [or] however long, it’s down to business.” DeGeneres noted the pro dancer is also a prankster, which prompted Biles to reveal, “He hasn’t pranked me yet.”

At that moment, however, Farber popped out of DeGeneres’ fake side table, giving Biles a hilarious fright. A happily startled Biles exclaimed afterward, “Oh my gosh! He gave me a heart attack!” The 20-year-old was even more flummoxed that Farber ran backstage afterward. “Where is he?! He just left?” she asked.

Fortunately, the duo reunited and composed themselves enough to chat with DeGeneres and perform a cha-cha. And in addition to doing a routine for DeGeneres’ audience, Biles amusingly discussed wanting to live on her own, getting a tattoo, and looking for a boyfriend. Check out the videos below!

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