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Ten months ago, a tabloid claimed that Simon Cowell was secretly marrying his girlfriend, Laura Silverman. Since the story came out, there hasn’t been any news about the former American Idol host tying the knot. Gossip Cop, however, has still looked into the tale. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.

Simon Cowell's Change Of Heart

In the fall of 2019, the National Enquirer alleged that Simon Cowell was monumentally celebrating his 60th birthday. The paper ran the headline, “Simon Cowell Secret Wedding!” while dubbing the host a “mean judge” who was “mellowed out” by fatherhood and a health scare. The accompanying article purported that Cowell’s brutal fall in 2017 had given the judge a new outlook on life and made him ready to “take the plunge” with Laura Silverman.

“Simon’s softened in recent years and Lauren is a big reason for it,” a dubious source told the outlet. The unnamed insider continued, “She keeps him grounded and focused, and Simon’s openly referring to her as his better half as well as his soul mate.” The paper noted how the couple’s relationship may have faced a few issues given that Silverman was previously married to one of Cowell’s friends. “They did have a few hurdles to overcome in the early years, but that’s all behind them now,” spilled the sketchy tipster.

Simon's "Big Splashy Wedding"

The supermarket tabloid further contended Cowell was “ready to show Lauren and the world” that he’s ready for the “ultimate commitment.” The anonymous insider concluded Cowell “always shunned the spotlight and kept his private life just that, private.” The so-called source added, “But Simon’s willing to give Lauren a big, splashy wedding if that’s what she wants.”

Here's The Truth

So, where was this “big, splashy wedding” the outlet was referring to? It never happened. Gossip Cop suspects the paper tricked its readers by luring them in with a misleading headline and an article that claimed something different. Furthermore, the story came out nearly a year ago, and while the couple is still together, neither of them have mentioned anything about a wedding. Recently, Cowell broke his back when he fell off his electric bike. The former American Idol judge is recovering, but more reputable outlets have referred to Silverman as his girlfriend.

The Tabloid's Phony Wedding Stories

This also wouldn’t be the first time the Enquirer made up a phony piece about celebrity weddings. Last June, the unreliable paper falsely claimed that Taylor Swift was going to marry Joe Alwyn on the Fourth of July. The phony story alleged that the singer planned for a ceremony at her Rhode Island mansion. Gossip Cop investigated the story and found it to be untrue. Not only were Swift and Alwyn never planning a wedding, but the two also weren’t, and still aren’t, officially engaged.

Following this, we busted the Enquirer for asserting that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were “too busy” to get married. The magazine claimed the couple’s busy schedules were causing them to delay their impending nuptials. Gossip Cop had learned from an individual in Lopez’s camp that this wasn’t true. The tabloid's history of wedding stories is shoddy at best.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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