#OhNoSimon: Simon Cowell Nude Video Is Fake

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Simon Cowell Nude Video

By Shari Weiss |

 Simon Cowell Nude Video


A nude video purporting to show Simon Cowell cavorting with another naked man is fake. If so inclined, see the clip that is duping people below.

On Monday, “#OhNoSimon” began trending both in the U.S. and worldwide as the footage surfaced on social media. “#OhNo(Blank)” has become a go-to hashtag among One Direction fans when someone is caught in an embarrassing situation. But in this case, it isn’t actually Cowell in the video, which also happens to be more than three years old.

The clip is actually a comedy bit from a BBC program, in which “Bitchslap News” proclaims to have secretly obtained footage of Cowell taking a bubble bath with fellow “Britain’s Got Talent” judge David Walliams. The recording, however, doesn’t actually show the music mogul in the flesh, but simply a man impersonating him. Set to “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables, Cowell is depicted as a vain celeb who has staffers blow-dry his crotch and stuff his underwear to make him appear well-endowed.

Many on Twitter seemed to be duped by the clip, first not realizing that it’s been out since 2012 and, more importantly, not recognizing that it’s only a man that resembles Cowell, and not the star himself, in the video. Only a small minority correctly pointed out that the footage was staged and fake, but they seem to be drowned out by all those tweeting about how Cowell has been “caught” and how the nudity has left them “traumatized.” If so inclined, watch below.


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