Simon Cowell And Jimmy Fallon Bond Over “America’s Got Talent” (VIDEO)

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Simon Cowell Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Simon Cowell Jimmy Fallon Video

(NBC via Getty Images)

Simon Cowell and Jimmy Fallon bonded over “America’s Got Talent” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Check out the video below!

Fallon shared that he watches the NBC competition every year, and said how thrilled he was that Cowell, the show’s co-creator, is now a judge. “At first we loved to hate you, but now we love to love you,” the host said, prompting Cowell to say back, “I’ve always loved you.” Fallon, though, wanted to know which has more talent: “America’s Got Talent” or “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Cowell wasn’t too thrilled with having to choose, exclaiming, “Oh, come on! Alright, America!” He then commented, “We’re close, but I have to tell you, you guys have the craziest contestants. I have a theory: I’m like the crazy flame that attracts all the crazy moths. All the crazy people in the world come onto our shows.”

Fallon brought up Tape Face, the “America’s Got Talent” mime, and 12 year-old singer Grace VanderWaal. “She’s incredible,” Cowell said, noting, “I wanted to attract more singers, and luckily that happened. We have some really good singers.”

But, he still hasn’t found his dream act. The music mogul admitted, “I’d like to find a singing dog. I really mean that… If anyone’s watching who’s got a singing dog, we’re auditioning for next year. And I’m being serious.” Cowell also spoke about fatherhood on the show, and explained why he hates “Dora The Explorer.” Watch below!


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