Simon Cowell: “No One Told Me” Harry Styles Wrote “Perfect” About Taylor Swift

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Simon Cowell Harry Styles Taylor Swift Video

By Shari Weiss |

Simon Cowell Harry Styles Taylor Swift Video

(Access Hollywood)

Simon Cowell says “no one” ever indicated to him that Harry Styles wrote “Perfect” about Taylor Swift. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, One Direction released “Perfect” last week as the second single from the upcoming album, Made In The A.M. Many have speculated that Styles, who co-wrote the song, was inspired by his relationship with Swift. Fans have pointed to some key lyrics, as well as sound similarities to Swift’s hit, “Style.”

To Cowell, however, the possibility that “Perfect” is about Swift is unlikely to him. “No one told me it was about Taylor. I think people might infer it,” he says in a new interview. “But I was never told that, no.”

The music mogul, who oversees One Direction after putting the guys together on “The X Factor UK,” does have another superstar on his mind lately: Justin Bieber. As Gossip Cop has noted, Bieber’s new album, Purpose, comes out next month on the very same day as the boy band’s offering. Asked by “Access Hollywood” who has the “edge,” Cowell unsurprisingly responded, “Well, I’m not being biased, but I have heard the One Direction album.”

He refused, however, to say whether he thinks his group can outsell Bieber, simply offering, “We’ll see.” That said, Cowell gushed, “I personally think it’s the best album they’ve ever made.” Is that a dig at Zayn Malik, who infamously quit the group earlier this year?

“Did it make any difference to the record? None whatsoever,” says Cowell. Reflecting on Malik’s departure, he acknowledges, “I knew there was an issue, I knew he wasn’t particularly happy,” and even says, “I think he should have stuck it out.”

Cowell continues, “But look, he had his own reasons. Zayn had decided that he’d had enough. It’s his choice, not a prison sentence.” Check out the video below for more, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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