Simon Cowell “American Idol” Series Finale Video: Watch Original Judge Return With Paula Abdul And Randy Jackson

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Simon Cowell American Idol Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Simon Cowell American Idol Finale Video


Simon Cowell and fellow “American Idol” original judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson all returned for Thursday’s “American Idol” series finale. Watch below!

Abdul and Jackson actually took the stage first, after a montage showcased some of the hilarious moments from the first season. The two told host Ryan Seacrest he’s the only “Idol” player to last through all 15 seasons. The topic turned to Cowell, and he suddenly appeared on stage. “I thought you were in London,” Seacrest exclaimed. The group quickly fell back into their old banter. Cowell then said more seriously, “Thank you, America, for inviting us into your homes.”

As Gossip Cop reported, it was first announced last May that the 15th season of “Idol” would be the FOX music competition’s last. The following month, Cowell admitted he had no intention of returning for the “farewell season,” saying in an interview, “I kind of said goodbye many years ago.” He went on to joke, however, “Maybe I’ll flip the light switch out at the end or something.”

In the time since, speculation and anticipation has steadily built. Abdul and Jackson each hinted that they would potentially be part of the last episode in some way. Just a few days ago, though, Cowell played coy with the media when asked if he was going to participate.

“There is a date clash. I don’t know yet,” he told reporters. Whether he was trying to throw everyone off or truly had to switch around professional obligations, he ultimately made the appearance, and to loud cheers from the audience. It was Cowell’s first time on “Idol” since he left the series at the end of season 9 in 2010.

Abdul, of course, had departed the year before, but actually returned for his send-off. Jackson exited as a judge in 2013 after his 12th season, but went on to serve as a season-long mentor the following year. Check out full video of their “Idol” finale reunion below!


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