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Sienna Miller is not "making her move" on Brad Pitt, despite a report from the tabloids claiming "it's on" between them. The story is just another example of the fake news the gossip media keeps trying to sell readers.

"Looks like those earlier rumors were true, as Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller make beautiful music together at a U.K. rockfest," Star blares in its new issue. Yes, the catalyst for this article is Pitt and Miller's hangout at Glastonbury, even though the salacious details in that tale has already been refuted. Here, the tabloid notes Miller previously denied a story linking her to Pitt, but stresses that she's stayed "decidedly mum" since then.

Of course, silence should not be taken as confirmation. Miller was previously asked about claims of a brewing romance, and shot down the allegations. She hasn't been confronted on the topic since, so she hasn't had to answer any more questions on the subject. Nor is she obligated to speak out. This new piece isn't any more true just because Miller has only criticized the rumors twice instead of multiple times.

But as long as Star and its ilk keep spreading misinformation, we'll keep correcting it. Here, a so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Sienna's had a thing for Brad since forever! Now that he's free, she's making her move." The supposed snitch goes on to contend, "She can be aggressive when she's hot for somebody, and she's after Brad big-time."

"Sienna knew he was vulnerable, so she made her move. Brad certainly didn't seem to mind," the purported tipster alleges to the gossip magazine adding, "I think they'll be seeing a lot of each other in the future." Pitt and Miller may indeed be seen together again, but that's because they have mutual friends. In fact, that was the reason they were hanging out in a group at Glastonbury.

And it seems that sighting is the only reason Star is peddling these quotes, which Gossip Cop is told did not come from anyone legitimately close to Miller. There's additional evidence that this story is nothing but fake news. The tabloid wrongly claims it was in 2015 that the actress denied rumors linking her to Pitt, while he was still married to Angelina Jolie, and maintains she stayed silent about speculation earlier this year. That's not true. While it was nearly two years ago that Gossip Cop busted a false tabloid story about Jolie's supposed insecurities, it was just in April that Miller herself spoke out.

If Star can't even get the timeline correct, there is little reason to trust the rest of its "reporting." And let's not forget this is the same magazine that in 2015 wrongly said in Robert Pattinson might dump FKA Twigs for Miller, and it's the same magazine that falsely claimed Kate Hudson was pregnant with Pitt's baby this past December. We rest our case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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