Adele Taught Sia Trick To Avoid Hitting High Notes In Concert (VIDEO)

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Sia Adele Graham Norton

By Andrew Shuster |

Sia Adele Graham Norton

(Graham Norton Show)

Sia explained on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show” how Adele taught her a trick to avoid hitting high notes in concert when her voice tires out. Watch the funny video below!

Sia appeared on the British talk show to promote her upcoming album, This is Acting, from which she performed a song. The singer, who’s well known for hiding her face, wore a black-and-blonde wig, which features bangs coming down to her upper lip. And so after Sia’s performance, host Norton had to hold the singer’s hand and walk her to the couch to join the other guests because her hair was blocking her vision.

Sia’s lack of sight prompted fellow guest Kurt Russell to try and trick the singer into sitting on his lap. Meanwhile, Sia greeted third co-guest Tina Fey and reminded her, “We met briefly at ‘SNL’ 40,” to which Fey responded, “I remember. I saw your face!”

Norton then noted how Sia co-wrote a song for Adele’s new album, 25. Addressing the possibility of the singer straining her voice with repeated performances, the talk show host pointed out, “They’re big anthems… Could you ever tour an album?” Sia explained, “Yeah… Actually, Adele gave me a top tip. She was like, ‘Whenever you can’t hit the high note, just…'” and with that, Sia pointed an imaginary microphone at the studio audience, indicating that a crowd would simply sing the song for an artist whose voice tires out. “There’s a reason she has $80 million!” Sia joked. Watch the funny video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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